Chaney’s Champions Announces Retirement of Ramon, Original Chaney Bear

New Chaney Bear will be Unveiled on Saturday, April 20

Apex NC – After nearly two years of service and being donated over 700 times to numerous organizations serving children, Chaney’s Champions announces the retirement of Ramon, its original Chaney Bear. Ramon, manufactured by GUND, is being discontinued and no longer available to the Apex-based non-profit.

Ramon, Chaney’s Champions Original Chaney Bear

Chaney’s Champions has donated Ramon to multiple organizations serving children in need and carried Chaney’s Champions’ message of paying kindness forward in memory of Chaney James Corcoran. Since December 2017, Chaney’s Champions has donated the Ramon Bear to the following organizations.






Apex Chaney Bear
Apex Police Department Gives a Ramon Chaney Bear to Noe
  • Apex Police Department – 220 Ramon Bears
  • Roxboro Police Department – 100 Ramon Bears
  • Durham County Sheriff’s Office – 95 Ramon Bears
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Office – 95 Ramon Bears
  • Edmarc Children’s Hospice – 190 Ramon Bears
  • Hillsborough Police Department – 25 Ramon Bears

Ramon has brought comfort to dozens of children and will continue to do so as partner agencies give the remaining Ramon bears to children in need. Future donations to our partners will be done with a new bear. Chaney’s Champions has selected its next Chaney Bear and is excited to unveil our new representative on Saturday, April 20.



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