Chaney’s Champions Purpose

Chaney’s Champions was formed in 2017 as a 501C3 non profit as a way to honor the memory of Chaney James Corcoran.

Our organization donates teddy bears to organizations in order to provide comfort to children in need during a stressful or traumatic time.

Each “Chaney Bear” comes with a tag, which carries an important message designed to carry on Chaney’s memory, but also to encourage others to pay it forward with small acts of kindness. Our message to recipients of each bear reads:

This teddy bear is a gift to you from Chaney’s Champions in memory of Chaney James, a sweet baby boy who brought us indescribable joy that will last forever. We hope this bear brings you the same comfort and joy that baby Chaney James brought his family and friends in a short period of time. Small tokens and acts of kindness will help keep Chaney’s memory alive. You too can be one of Chaney’s Champions by paying it forward in some small way to spread love and compassion. In memory of sweet Chaney, champion on…

Our Partner Organizations

Chaney’s Champions is proud to have donated teddy bears to the following partner organizations. In total, our supporters have allowed us to donate 842 teddy bears to our partner organizations and we have plans for donations of 100 more teddy bears during Fall 2019. The Bears that we have been able to donate so far would equal a retail value of $26,615, so we are very thankful for all of our financial donors!

Apex, NC Police Department – A total of 220 bears have been donated to Apex Police Department.

Apex Police Chief John Letteney at a Chaney’s Champions Donation Event

100 bears were donated to Apex Police in December 2016 and an additional 120 bears were donated on May 24, 2018. An additional 66 bears are ready to be donated to Apex PD thanks to a generous grant from the Apex Peakfest.

Apex PD keeps us updated on the impact of each of our Chaney Bears. Pictures from our December 2, 2016 Apex donation event can be found here.  Pictures from our May 24, 2018 donation event can be found here.

Roxboro, NC Police and Fire Department – 100 bears were donated to Roxboro Police and

Roxboro Fire Chief Ken Torain, Roxboro Police Chief David Hess and Krystal Corcoran and Lee Worsley from Chaney’s Champions at Roxboro donation event.

Fire Departments on December 27, 2018. Pictures from our Roxboro donation event can be found here.

Durham County, NC Sheriff’s Office – 95 bears were donated to Durham County Sheriff’s IMG954231Office on October 20, 2017


Hillsborough, NC Police Department – 25 bears were donated to the Hillsborough Police Department on October 20, 2017

Orange County, NC Sheriff’s Office – 95 bears were donated to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in October 20, 2017.

Pictures from the Durham/Orange/Hillsborough donation event can be found here

Durham/Hillsborough Event

Orange County Event

Clayton Police Department. Clayton, NC – Chaney’s Champions donated 50 bears to the Clayton Police Department on June 7, 2019. Pictures from the Clayton event can be found here.

Carrboro Police Department. Carrboro, NC – Chaney’s Champions donated 67 bears to the

Carrboro Officer Shayna Cox helping to raise money for Chaney’s Champions

Carrboro Police Department on June 7, 2019. Pictures from the Carrboro event can be found here.

Garner Police Department. Garner, NC – Chaney’s Champions donated 100 bears to the Garner Police Department on October 11, 2019. Pictures from the Garner event can be found here.

Zach’s Toy Chest. Holly Springs, NC – Chaney’s Champions donated 50 bears to Zach’s Toy Chest on October 11, 2019. The bears will be used at the UNC Children’s Hospital. Pictures from the Zach’s Toy Chest donation can be found here.

York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office. Yorktown, VA – Chaney’s Champions plans to donate 100 bears to the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office on November 1, 2019.

Cary Police Department. Cary, NC – Chaney’s Champions plans to donate 100 bears to the Cary Police Department on December 20, 2019.

Wake County Sheriff’s Office. Raleigh, NC – Chaney’s Champions plans to donate 150 bears to the Wake County Sheriff’s Office on December 20, 2019.

State of Michigan Law Enforcement Agencies. – Chaney’s Champions plans to donate 250 bears to 10 Michigan-based law enforcement agencies on November 15, 2019.

IMG_1938Edmarc Hospice for Children. Portsmouth, VA – 190 bears were donated in December 2017. Pictures from the Edmarc event can be found here.

Our Board of Directors

Chaney’s Champions is a 501C3 Corporation and is governed by a nine member Board of Directors. Board members for 2019 include:

President – Amy Worsley

Vice President – Krystal Corcoran

Secretary – Jon Corcoran

Treasurer – Lee Worsley

Director – Matt Carter

Director – Melissa Carter

Director – Cori Corcoran

Director – Jeff Corcoran

Director – Tim Corcoran

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