Chief David Hess, Roxboro Police Department

Today is an exciting day for the City of Roxboro being selected as a Champion On city. The story of Chaney’s life touches our hearts. To be asked to Champion On Chaney’s life comes with a tremendous burden and responsibility. One which we humbly carry.

When I look at the Chaney Bear, I can’t help but notice his heart shaped tummy which causes me to pause because this bear is not just any teddy bear. The bear, the Chaney Bear, is being provided by Chaney’s Champions with love and compassion.

Those same qualities are incumbent upon us as public safety professionals. It is the same qualities of Chaney’s life that we will use to become and extension of Chaney when we give these bears to children or people in need. The Chaney Bear also has the cutest smile. I can’t help but think that Chaney’s smile warmed other’s hears and that the Chaney Bear will warm the hears of those receiving a Chaney Bear.